Project Description

It is a first-person advergame, totally in Portuguese and that takes place in the Serra de Sintra, specifically in the house of Dr.Nuno, who has several experiences “strange” for your house, with several puzzles to pass from your rooms. These puzzles require good reasoning, good memory, and an observing sense, are you able to solve these puzzles? Do you have what it takes to solve Dr.Nuno’s case?


In the course of the game you will find notes left by Dr.Nuno, they are included in your diary or made available for reading only, these notes tell the story of the game and also tells how he was and what he was planning. Making the end of the game have the full history of this case.


This game has a system that can interact with various objects in the scenario, such as books and items left behind by Dr.Nuno, it is possible to move and see the same from several different angles. An impeccable and well-lit lighting system, a background music that leaves you focused on the game and at the same time tense, not knowing which is the next puzzle and what are the experiences performed by Dr.Nuno.

Puzzle.  Development
Mystery Box.  Development
Development.  Start
01.  Trailer Escape
02.  Game Play

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